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Latest additions:

CW 06

XX Aniversario Limited Edition - 0,7l - 2013 (Rarities)

Anejo Reserva - 0,05l - middle 2000s (Reserva)

CW 47

Pacto Navio - 0,7l - 2016 (Other HC bottles)

Extra Dry Genuine - 0,75l - 1960s (Rarities)

Especial Jar - 1l - 2004 (Rarities)

CW 45

Extra Anejo Seco 7 Anos - 0,75l - early 90s (7 years)

CW 44

Anejo 7 Anos - 0,7l - 2016 new edition (7 years)



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I'm a Havana Club/Arechabala rum collector from Germany,

since summer 2014. I would like to

-introduce you my bottle collection

-invite you to read the story of Havana Club

Do you have any bottles from Havana Club or Arechabala

that you don't need? You have some details for the my

history part? Then do not hesitate to contact

me via the contact form, or write me on:


I will make you an offer for any (old) Havana Club bottle.

Please have a look at the history part of this website.

Havana Club, how it started around 140 years ago.

Jose Arechabala...


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