Havana Club Cuban Smoky Dark Rum - 0,7l - 2019 - Fatima Ermus, the company's brand manager, explained in a press conference that this is a product designed for young audiences, with a novel consumption strategy through ¨shots¨ or short drinks, mixed with citrus flavors or in a cocktail such as Old Fashioned. From its premiere at the 37th Havana International Fair (Feb. 2019), it will be marketed in a first stage an amount of 1000 boxes only in Cuba for a price of 20.90 CUC, said Amed Alvarez, director of sales and marketing of the company. This is a rum that before being bottled is subjected to a final aging process in barrels that have previously aged some spirits, wine or other distilled alcohols so that it can catch the notes of that last drink that was there. One of the bases that make up this rum was in whisky barrels from the region of Islay, Scotland, aged between 10 and 15 years and that were preserved without washing, which contributed to the smoked notes that distinguish the Cuban Smoky.